Im Afraid

i'm so afraid
of everything i done
not sure of myself
it seems impossible to breathe
my heart is beating way to fast
and my body is shivering

Its starting all over again
fear is killing me slowly
fear from the past and the future
what happen with i and u

my mind suddently unable to think clearly
how long i can face this..?
how long i can waiting here for the answer..?

a place alone
where i can be happy
its just a dream
i try to reach it everyday
but every time i have just some hope
its take away

im tired
i dont wanna face this again
i hope u can take me far far away from this feeling..

...... (!_!) ......

HarTie are_ku

lame dah cik hana lady tak mencoret - coret di blog nie..Agak bz dengan praktikum,amali, pas tu g hatyai....t cik hana lady akan cter k...tapi untuk kali nie cik hana lady nak luahkan something...

Kadang-kadang cik hana lady sendiri xtau dengan diri cik hana lady...Cik hana lady kuat tok menghadapi sesuatu bende besar pada diri hana lady...tapi cik hana lady sangat sensetif dengan kate-kate yang org keling anggap kin bnde tu kecil..xde pape tp tok ati cik hana lady tidak..sungguh tersentap dengan kate-kate kamu...huhuhu kin sebab ada janji disebalik kate-kate itu...janji yang kin dia anggap itu satu gurauan atau sekadar pujukan tapi bagi cik hana lady tu lah jnji cik hana lady pada xperlah as you wish kan...huhuhu...sedih..(!_!)